Blue Topaz Asymmetrical Textured Silver Drop Earrings

How did I create these earrings?

In my About me section, I have added a glimpse to my creative process. I use a sketchbook to write down my ideas, draw rough sketches of my designs, and outline a plan of the next steps. Mind you, I can't draw for the life of me.

I usually sketch several designs for a jewelry piece. This time I came up with one design and instantly liked it's simplicity and classic look:

Blue topaz earrings design sketch

So here the process had started. At some point I decided to change a couple of design elements while constructing the earrings. So I was working, tinkering, and playing with them, and voilà here they are:


Blue topaz asymmetrical hollow form silver earrings

The earrings are definitely asymmetrical)))! But here is the catch: after taking and processing their photos, I realized that they reminded me some one-eye characters from a couple of the computer-animated movies. 

Disclaimer: I was not in any way thinking of or inspired by those characters while working on those earrings.  All similarities are coincidental.

At times, our creativity and imagination surprises us. Now let's go back to work... I mean, creating.

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